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The all-new BMW ActiveE is the next step in the future of mobility – but it’s anything but just another electric car. That’s because the BMW ActiveE is the only electric vehicle with the high-performance thrills and unrivaled efficiency you’ve come to expect from The Ultimate Driving Machine.®

This fall, the BMW ActiveE will be available as part of a field trial in select markets. As part of this journey, BMW will be looking for enthusiastic participants to be among the first to drive the only fully electric BMW. This group of pioneers will help provide insight about the everyday use of electric vehicles and also have an opportunity to test an early version of the powertrain to be used in future BMW electric vehicles (for more information turn to the EfficientDynamics section of this brochure). Collectively this group will make history with BMW. Learn more at

“Is an Electric Vehicle right for me?”
If you’re considering an EV for the first time, BMW has developed the “BMW EVolve” mobile app to help answer that question. BMW EVolve is designed to gauge your EV compatibility and how an EV can benefit you. Simply use the app during your normal drives to analyze your current driving patterns. This will help determine if a BMW ActiveE or one of the upcoming BMW all-electric vehicles is right for you. After logging trips, connect to the online EV Dashboard to learn how driving an EV could impact your life and your community.


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July 27, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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